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{Staying FLYY} A Profile on Mos Def

My favorite MC Yasiin Bey, formerly Mos Def, hailing from Brooklyn is the ultimate Flyy Guy. He’s an eloquent poet with impeccable taste and he pulls off his unique tailored style quite well. The artist says after his paternal grandfather passed away he started wearing a suit and tie everyday like he did. In 2009, after the passing of Micheal Jackson, Yasiin began rocking loafers and high-waisted pants. The rest is history.

“Malcolm-X is one of the most, if not thee most stylish man of the 20th century.”


In his interview with Complex mag he says “I just wear what I like, what feels good, what looks good to me.” Yasiin’s style incorporates many high end labels. He is no stranger to the effects of runway inspiration and feels that anything you wear is art when you’re an artist. I couldn’t agree more. As a fashionista and interior designer, I strongly believe that before I even speak with a client they’ve assessed their first impression of me based on what they see in my personal sense of coordination.


Cropped pants. Tailored blazers. Dope socks. Accessories. All pieces that can stand alone yet in this ensemble they seamlessly flow together. What I love most about Yasiin’s style is that it’s consistent, through his growth as a person to his maturation into adulthood. He is always appropriate and dapper. Being from a city like New York it seems that it would be difficult to NOT have personal style because of the heavy fashion and art influence.



Staple pieces for any mans closet via Yasiin Bey:

1. Pair of 501s

2. Navy, Gray, and Black Blazer

3. White dress shirts

4. A dark tie

5. Kicks for the occasion ( 1 boot, 1 oxford, 1 dress shoe, and some good sneakers)

6. Denim Jacket

7. Good Chinos; navy and khaki

mos def 5


“For me, it’s less of an expression of social status, and more an expression of taste, style, beauty, and balance” 

Stay tuned for more in the #WeekoftheFLYYGuy. Stay flyy.Live flyyer.



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