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Staying FLYY…Guy Essentials

This week we’re going to switch things up a little and give our FLYY guys some shine! Yesterday’s feature of lyricist Mos Def was just the beginning. Today I’d like to give a few tips on the things every man should have in his closet. Men have the tendency to stick with what’s been working for them and may miss out on looking their best as they age. Below you will find some examples of well dressed men and how some simple additions to your closet can get you started catching some FLYY girl’s eye.

FLYY Guy 2

FlYY Guy 1

FLYY guy 3


As you see each of these gentlemen has accessorized keenly and while they don’t look extraordinarily dressed up they look prepared for whatever the day may bring. The key is to dress for where your day may take you, not just where you are going. I find myself looking at photographs from the past thinking, when did getting dressed go out of style? Men have left their suits hung up and traded them in for less than pleasing options BUT we can help.

FLYY Guy Collage


Six simple points and you can be on your way to being the FLYYest guy around. Follow the rules:

  • Buy a watch – a man wearing a watch shows he values his time, seriously don’t be the guy whose boss asks the time & you grab your phone. Try this DKNY Men’s Chrome option.
  • Simple tee shirts. Easy and if worn appropriately can go with everything. Opt for something fitted but not so tight you look like you can’t breathe. Check out these.
  • A man who smells great is a man going places. This is easy – scent solidifies memories. Be memorable. Pick yours, here’s a keeper.
  • Jackets are finishing touches, they add a final element to complete your look. Get yourself one that works with jeans or casual pants. Example.
  • Accessories are not solely for women. They help everyone, whether it’s a dope pair of kicks, a hat, or a leather belt add them, trust me. These, this, and that always work.
  • Finally, own a pair of pants that aren’t jeans. Please. I’m a sucker for a man in 501’s they look great on everyone but grab some chinos dude, it adds points. Great choice.

I hope this helps you all out, feel free to share some of your additions or favorites with us on twitter or on facebook, we’d love to hear from you guys! Until then…

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille




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