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Staying FLYY…How To Do A Pre-Poo

Hey ladies! It’s our first natural hair post of the year, whoop! I wanted to share with you all a tried and true moisture keeper for your natural hair regimens. For a long time I have seen and heard women who have sworn by the “pre-poo”, it took me a while to jump aboard the wagon but after a bout with some serious dryness I climbed on.

Let me break down for you what a “pre-poo” is. It the most laymen of terms it is a conditioning treatment before you shampoo or co-wash your hair. For my pre-poo treatments I keep it very simple and mix my ingredients of choice in the all convenient spray bottle and go to work. The reasons pre-poos work so well is because it gives your hair some time to soak up moisture before you start combing, twisting, and detangling your hair on wash days. The reward is that the hair is easier to maintain and detangle after pre-pooing. Below you will find directions and a simple list of ingredients needed to get your pre-poo on!


FC2C - Pre-poo Collage


I would love to know how pre-pooing works for you ladies, so leave us a comment and share!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille


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