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Staying FLYY :: Glitter Be Gone

Every time I wear a glitter nail polish I dread the day I have to remove it. My most recent problem came after sporting this really cute Urban Outfitters polish. Iridescent blue x confetti glitter. Flyy.

Yesterday, my first attempt to remove it with just cotton balls and nail polish remover was taking entirely too long.  So this is how I took it off in under 10 minutes for both hands and feet.


Ceran Wrap

Cotton Balls

Nail Polish Remover


glitter nails


It’s super easy and works flawlessly! First, cut 10 pieces of plastic wrap. Next, soak cotton balls (I used 1 swab per 2 nails to make them stretch) in nail polish remover of your choice and lay them on each of your nail beds.

ceran wrap


Wrap the plastic wrap around each nail to secure the cotton. Leave for 5-8 minutes depending on how many coats you’re removing.



At the end of your time, press down on the cotton as you remove both the plastic wrap and the cotton from your finger.


Thank me later 😉



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