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Staying FLYY :: A Profile on Martine Ali

In honor of Black History Month, and in the spirit of supporting our young up and coming sisters and brothers, I’d like to introduce Martine Ali.

I had the pleasure of meeting her through a mutual friend and was stunned at her collection of jewelry which I learned was actually her namesake and business. Gorgeous, raw, and symbolic pieces from earrings to broaches. Interviewing her was tons of fun too. Check it out!



FC2C: What is the passion behind Martine Ali, the designer and collection?

MA: I want my work to reach the inner you. The you that wants to live your passion, wear what you want, and do as you please. Each piece embodies this bold invigorated spirit- live in the moment, be yourself, and buy something special just for you. 

FC2C: Your pieces are incredibly unique. How do you constantly create, without
recreating the same thing over and over?

MA: I am inspired by the materials, which is where the design process starts for me .  It is important for me to constantly be researching and sourcing new materials which is how the designs evolve.  I like to allow some repetition in my work to give consistency and develop a signature style.

FC2C: What advice would you give your 20- year old self? Be patient and look at every opportunity both negative and positive as a way to learn and grow.  Worry less about how you will reach an end goal, and focus on what matters now.

MA: How did you know that being a jewelry designer was the perfect profession
for you? Being a jewelry designer was always something that interested me.  It never felt like work and from a young age I realized it was a possible career path for me.

FC2C: What is a typical work-day like for you?

MA: It depends on what kind of work day it is.  I separate them into creative days and office days. If it is a creative day, I try to allow flexibility for research and creating, this is more of an open day to do what I feel.  If it is an office day, I go somewhere where I can focus to cross everything off of my to-do list.

FC2C: In 3 words, please describe Martine Ali, the collection.

MA: Sculptural, Raw, Refined.


FC2C: What excites you most about your future?

MA:The infinite possibilities that lay ahead.  I find excitement in the unknown.

FC2C: Why do you love New York City?

MA:The uniqueness of the energy and people in New York are a constant source of inspiration for me.

FC2C: Favorite piece in your closet? It can shoes, purse, clothing, etc.  

MA: This sweater-coat I have with a built in scarf.  I wear it under everything as a winter shell, I even use it as a blanket because it is so awesome. 

FC2C: Carrie Bradshaw or Audrey Hepburn?

Carrie Bradshaw.


For more details go to and see the full collection + ecommerce. Isn’t it haute?!




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