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Staying FLYY…Styling Your Curls Post Big Chop

Staying FLYY...Styling Your Curls Post Big Chop


As I told you all last week I recently chopped all my hair off and I am loving it. One of our readers sent in an inquiry asking how I went about styling my hair now that it was short. I figured I could share the details with everyone!

For my transitioners be aware that I no longer flat twist or two-strand twist my hair to achieve the curly pattern but if you need to do that these tips may not work for you. My suggestions to you are to set your hair NOT soaking wet but instead damp with a mix of gel & coconut milk.

In order to achieve the look below I took the following steps:


– Co-wash in shower ( conditoner used: Tresemme Daily Moisturizing)

– Finger detangle ( I learned that detangling with a comb separates the curls into more of a look for a small TWA. Not the look I want. I am aiming for clumps of curls.)

– Rinse conditioner, apply products (Palmer’s Coconut Hair Milk, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie), & finger comb it through

– Wrap head in old t-shirt to soak up water but not take out MOISTURE. It is key that you use a T-SHIRT & not a terry cloth towel.

After I complete the in shower process which is really a total of 10 minutes, I usually keep the t-shirt on my head and finish getting ready. If I’m in a hurry then I will diffuse my hair. Diffusing is great because it takes the moisture out of your hair without frizzing it up. If you’re a curly girl rocking a short doo a diffuser is a MUST have in your arsenal. I scooped up this one and it fits my blow dryer perfectly. I usually add a small amount of Ecostyler gel to give my curls a little hold and maybe a dap of jojoba oil to maintain softness.

Overall, I haven’t had any issues with my newly short crop with the exception of some minor heat damage from the original styling — UGH!! Nonetheless, still FLYY. I hope this helps.

Let me know in the comments! And always feel free to ask questions, If I can help I will!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille

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