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photo 4


⎢⎢ Hanging out with 2 of my closest friends from back home ⎢⎢

The past few weeks have been pretty great. I partied in the District, escaped to Cali, hit the beach, and managed to do some design work in the meantime! I captured some good insta moments, enjoy.

photo 2

⎢⎢ Steve Madden Sandals + Sally Hanson Mellow Yellow + a summer glow ⎢⎢

photo 5

⎢⎢ My daily train food. *insert title of interior design mag here* + a banana ⎢⎢

photo 3

⎢⎢ A happy Memorial Day in NYC ⎢⎢

photo 1

⎢⎢ Favorite new F21 sunnies and bird earrings, springtime! ⎢⎢

Although the weather in NYC has been quite the downpour, I’ve managed to keep sunny skies above my head. How is your week going so far?





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