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Beauty Battle: BB Cream vs. Foundation

Hey people! Today I have decided to introduce a brand new series called, Beauty Battle. Through this series I’d like to share with you my go to choices for makeup, skin and hair care. I am what they call a brand loyalist for the most part and I rarely veer from products if I have found something that works. But every once in a while I notice something on the shelves that grasps my attention or perhaps notice something I have read about and I can’t resist the urge to throw it in my cart.

Over the course of the past few months I have been seeing a serge of BB creams hit the beauty aisle and I haven’t been intrigued but finally I picked up a bottle and would you know I love it?! So without further ado, let’s get ready for our first bout!

Beauty Battle - BB Cream vs Foundation

As a sparing foundation user I am not a person who often looks for or needs full coverage daily. I like to wear moisturizer, maybe some sunscreen, bronzer, blush and go. I decided the other day to use my BB Cream as my foundation for my makeup on shoot day for my show, which is when I usually wear full face makeup.

The BB Cream I chose was Maybelline’ 8-in-1 formula which I am so glad I purchased! I applied it the first time using a beauty blender sponge and found the coverage light, airy, and just enough without giving me cake face. On my second use I chose to apply the cream using a stippling brush which I found gave me a better application. The color selection is minimal but I selected the Deep option and it worked out well.

PROS: Light, Full Coverage, Looks Natural, Affordable

CONS: Color options limited with this brand

For my foundation I use Maybelline’s FIT brand number 330, I have found this brand to be good in not clogging my pores which I never want my makeup to do. I value maintaining my skin’s health by cleaning thoroughly daily and I do not want my makeup to hinder that. I have this foundation to provide a full covering but sometimes making my face greasy by day’s end. I would however use it if I knew I had pictures to take or a long shoot to do. It has been working for me for almost a year now but I may need to find another brand.

PROS: Affordable, Full Coverage, Color Match

CONS: Tends to get greasy, Feels heavy, Wipes off if not set

All in all I would say the BB Cream wins this inaugural beauty battle with its PROS outweighing its CONS. I can definitely get behind using this product daily if necessary and most certainly for times when a full face of makeup is needed. Who do you trust for perfect coverage?? Let me know!!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille

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