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Beauty Battle – It’s All In The Eyes

Do you ever walk down the cosmetic aisle and feel overwhelmed by the amount of mascara options sitting before you? Most people wish for longer, fuller eyelashes but what if you were lucky enough to be born with them? What color do you pick? Are colored mascaras cheesy or fun? These questions have led us to our next beauty battle!

Beauty Battle - Mascara

While there are many things I am dedicated to I will admit mascara is something I am willing to experiment with. The two I have chosen to review are the selections I keep returning back to time and time again.

Once again a Maybelline product makes the cut and this mascara, Falsies Volum’ Express is among my favorites in mascaras. Giving a true falsie finish without the weight of faux lashes it really does live up to its name. I picked up Falsies when it first emerged on the market because I was intrigued by the name, I later kept buying it because it indeed lived up to its claims.

PROS: thickens up lashes no matter how thin, elongates lashes, deepens natural color, offers multiple brush options

CONS: can wipe off easily

Secondly we have L’ Oreal’s Carbon Black voluminous which is one of my favorite mascaras primarily because when applied in multiple layers it provides a very dramatic look. Also works perfect if you do use faux lashes allows for great blending.

PROS: Smooth application, thickens lashes, provides dramatic effect

CONS: runs with slightest watering in eyes, requires many layers

I enjoy using each of these mascaras but for this beauty battle I will have to go with Falsies Volum’ Express for the winner. I can use this option for everyday wear without looking overdone. Its variety in brushes offers different looks and it’s affordable. Head to your nearest beauty aisle and scoop a tube!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille

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