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REVIEW: Poetic Justice Jeans

All women are searching for the perfect fitting pair of jeans and Kaila, creator of Poetic Justice Jeans, says she has created the answer. We like to get into the mind of FLYY fashionistas take a look at what Kaila had to say about her jeans that fit your shape.

image001FlyyCoast2Coast: What inspired you to do art and fashion?

Kaila: Being a designer was always a part of my life plan. As a young girl I loved to shop and put outfits together, which really were the makings of a stylist, but that’s what I thought fashion design was all about. I also loved was sitting with both of my grandmothers  watching them sew and knit. Once I graduated high school I started to pursue my dream of becoming a designer.

FC2C: Who do you look to for inspiration in fashion?

K: This current line was inspired by my friends and family. The need for a great fitting pair of jeans for a girl who has a shape was more apparent than anything.

FC2C: How would you describe your personal style?

K: I would say that my closet is mixed with classic and fashionable pieces. I always look for pieces that transcend time. I also like to add some seasonal trendy pieces such as : a pointed toe shoe, or a new trending color. When I mix those to styles together, I usually come up with something pretty cool.

FC2C: How are your art and designs different from what is currently being seen these days?

K: I think that there was an absolute need for a great fitting jean for a girl with a shape. Many of the more expensive denim brands have introduced something they call a ” curvy” fit but they’ve truly missed the mark. I believe that a solution has been found for the girl who wanted to wear a fashionable and style jean without compromising fit.

FC2C: What characteristics does your art embody?

K: Fit, Style, and comfort


FC2C: How do you keep your art/designs representative of who you are and satisfy your buyers?

K: Buyers know firsthand what’s working because of reports. My job is to make so I give a relevant update based off what what’s been performing.  I make sure to mix it up… For example. If reports show that the peplum are still performing well for the fall.  I have to ask myself how I update fabric , color, wash, trim etc. so that I add my design influence. Sometimes a small change and make a big impact. Black halo changed the neckline on a basic black dress and that became something amazing.

FC2C: What would you say is the key to keeping yourself relevant as an artist/designer?

K: I think the key to being relevant is keeping your ear to the streets. Stay true to who you are as a designer and artist.

FC2C: If you were FASHION POLICE for a day, what ticket would you most likely give out the most (A:Indecent exposure, B: FLYYER than your average, C: Failure to look in the mirror before leaving home, D:Fill in your own)

K:  D, I would probably give out the  ” I Can’t”  Ticket. This ticket would only be issue to people that totally missed that mark or tried way too hard to make a mark.

FC2C: What do you love most about Los Angeles? 

K: There are so many things to love….  I love that we are a huge melting pot, I love the weather , I love that I can visit the beach in one moment and hike in another. Everything in LA is at your fingertips.

FC2C: Have you visited FlyyCoast2Coast? What were your thoughts?

K: I had an opportunity to visit the site. I love that I can get an east coast and west coast perspective on fashion and beauty!

Thanks to Kaila for gifting us a pair of her awesome jeans and taking the time to let us ask her a questions about her jeans that have never met a curve they didn’t like.

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille


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