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Beauty Battle – Black Cherry Lipstick


We’re back for another Beauty Battle!! So some time ago long before I realized that lipstick was not an enemy to my full lips but instead my friend, I used to steer clear of color anywhere near my mouth. My mother’s words would always ring clearly in my head, “Leslie, you need some color on those lips.” To which I would quickly reply, “No, my lips are too big for that Mommy.” Now years later I scoop up lipsticks in every shade loving the pop they give my face. I learned that I look great in darker hues and among my favorites is Revlon’s Black Cherry. While roaming through pinterest (follow me here) I found a list of great dupes and stumbled upon this MAC Sin dupe Milani Black Cherry. I think it’s safe to say my lipstick cherry has been popped, let the battle begin!

Revlon Black Cherry: 

luxurious color that complements a variety of skin tones
smooth in application
doesn’t dry out lips


Easily smudged
Can bleed without liner

Milani Black Cherry:


Pretty packaging
Hint of gloss
Matte finish
MAC Dupe


Scent is slightly overpowering
Cost more than Revlon
Hard to find

I truly am now  lipstick wearer and loved rocking my dark lip with anything, based on the pros and cons of each Black Cherry shade I would have to say my choice for the winner is REVLON’S BLACK CHERRY. I am a fan of Milani products, totally prefer their bronzer to anything else I’ve tried, but Revlon has a loyalist in me when it comes to this lippie. You ladies check it out and tell me which you prefer!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.



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