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Hey all Happy New Year! Here we are with another opportunity to begin anew and make some fresh starts. That said it is time for some changes to be made to my closet and its extremities. I’m a fan of costume jewelry because you always get an on trend piece without having to spend tons of money. The downfall of purchasing it though is its ability to hold on for a long time especially if you don’t have a great way of storing it. Prior to my jewelry re-organization I literally was keeping all of my jewelry in a wicker basket along with a thrift shop steel tower I picked up for $2. You can imagine what that mess looked like. So after taking a look at some pictures on Pinterest ( here, here, and here) I realized I needed some nice bowls and a tray at the very least. Above I picked out some items that can help you get your stash all together!

1. Bowls  // 2. Helping Hands Catch-All  // 3. Bowl With Lid  // 4. Aluminum Tins // 5. Vanity Tray  // 6. Candle Tray

I’ll post a picture on Instagram of my new solution for you all to see, follow me there for the close up!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.



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