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INSPIRED: Gwen Stefani

Many women look forward to the day when they become mothers but before you get your bundle of joy you get to spend three months getting more familiar with your toilet than ever before, four months eating everything in sight, and two gaining a pound a week. Sound like fun, no? While these are all the “perks” of pregnancy the one thing people forget to mention the most is how to style your baby bump along the way. Following celebrity pregnancies is all the rage these day we’re all waiting with bated breath for Kerry Washington to drop her gem but one of my fav celeb moms is Gwen Stefani. Rounding out here brood with baby number three she never let’s her style wain an the account of a protruding belly. Which is why she is this week’s INSPIRED feature.

Gwen Stefani Preggers1

As a pregnant woman it can be difficult to find jeans that will fasten over that tummy but with things like a belly band or fabric topped denim it doesn’t have to be a hassle any longer. I love that Gwen is keeping true to her chic style and maintaining a level of comfort which is always necessary when you’re carrying a baby. Notice that her pregnancy isn’t keeping her from wearing a small heel, it can be done!

Gwen Stefani Preggers3

Ladies don’t shy away from prints! Especially leopard because truly it is a neutral pattern.

Gwen Stefani Preggers4

Gwen Stefani Preggers2See how black can even slim down a girl expecting soon, I love black more than the next person and it along with leggings can still keep your pregnancy fashionable. Gwen shows you how it’s done here in two ways.

Gwen Stefani Preggers5

I’m loving Gwen’s jacket in this look, I’ve been searching for a white blazer for some time now and still without one I need to ask when Gwen got her’s.

Nonetheless here you are ladies a look see at what style is like when you’re expecting. Gwen is a queen; from the stage to the runway she has enraptured us all with her good looks and great shoes. Gwen has me wanting a baby bump…uh maybe later though.

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille

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