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Beauty Battle – Shea Moisture Shampoos

Ahlo there beauty lovers! We’re back for another beauty battle, this time pitting two of natural hair wearers beloved Shea Moisture brand shampoos against one another. For nearly three years I have been a user of the Shea Moisture line of products, while in Target the other day I noticed a new addition to the family the Tahitian Noni & Monoi line that promotes smoothing and repairing. I was looking for a new shampoo after using the Coconut & Hibicus option for so long I felt it was time for a change. Let’s get into the ring and see who won this round!!

Beauty Battle - Shea Moisture ShampoosFirst contender the new Shea Moisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi conditioning shampoo:


Leaves hair easy to detangle

does not strip hair of moisture

smells amazing but not overwhelming

good lather


Size – as usual I wished this product was offered in a larger size

Up next we have the Coconut & Hibicus curl and shine shampoo:


Great scent

lathers well

cleanses thoroughly


strips hair – leaves dry regardless of texture

leaves hair matted

can leave buildup

After using both products I am inclined to say that I will now be using the Tahitian shampoo in place of the Coconut option that has been my go to for so long. For years I have continued to use the Coconut option while interchanging with other shampoos and have not been satisfied. I used the Tahitian shampoo on my and Lil D’s hair, our textures both curly but hers is more a fine than mine I found it left our hair easier to manage. I also flat ironed my hair after using the product and it was soft without having to use tons of other products after washing. Looks like Shea Moisture’s Tahitian Noni & Monoi conditioning shampoo is here to stay! It wins over the coconut option in a knockout. Try the each for yourself and let us know which one you prefer.

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille



5 thoughts on “Beauty Battle – Shea Moisture Shampoos

    • I would not constitute this as a co-washing option, only because it is an actual shampoo. I prefer to use cheaper conditioners for co-washing like – Suave Rosemary & Mint, Aussie Moist, or Tresemme. Thanks for reading.
      stay FLYY!

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