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INSPIRED : Jenna Lyons

There’s a girl I wish I knew, a girl who’s closet I long to raid, a girl who knows it truly means to be a hot mommy. That girl, lady, woman is J. Crew’s resident genius, Jenna Lyons. For anyone who has been living under a rock perhaps you’ve missed the story on how Jenna went from assistant designer to creative director, working her way up the fashion ladder to sit at the helm at one of America’s most timeless brands. But the reason for today’s post is because not only does Jenna bring life and vibrancy to J. Crew she brings it to the streets with her own amazing style.

JL Inspi 1

JL Inspi 2


I live for Jenna’s mix of prints and patterns with such effortless ease. While some people stick to matching from head to toe or only allowing themselves one pattern per outfit, she isn’t afraid to mix it all up. It takes a certain grace and skill to be able to execute this without looking like a bag of thrift store finds and Lyons nails it.

JL Inspi 3

JL Inspi 4


The incorporation of menswear into her style is also something I admire. I’m known to peruse the men’s section often because there hides some great sweaters, blazers, and tees all waiting to be paired with a fabulous pair of pumps. As you can see Jenna succeeds in making that happen by keeping her denim thin and her Loubs high. Work it girl.JL Inspi 5


JL Inspi 7

Let’s face it if you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time you know the fact is I love a good fur element. Whether it’s a stole, a collar or a lined hood – bringing fur into any fashion equation is pure perfection to me. Honestly, to be a California native and resident I probably shouldn’t own as much fur as I do but what the hell, it looks good! Jenna Lyons knows how to rock some fur, on a red carpet or the street it gives such a level of chicness.

I am such a fan of Jenna’s, her story, her life, and her work ethic. It is always great to find women to set the tone for what success can look like. At 6 ft she is never hard to miss but I like to say that’s also because when you dress as well as she does the heads will turn. She stated in a NY Times interview, “I know what’s it’s like to not feel beautiful…” well Jenna, the tide has indeed turned, that feeling should be a distant memory.

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille


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