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REVIEW: Luxhair NOW by Sherri Shepherd

Hey y’all! Last week the cool people over at Luxhair asked if I wanted to try out a wig from the new line that Sherri Shepherd designed. I had been eyeing wigs for a while so I figured I would jump on the chance to check one out. I chose the curl intense lace front in brunette and I LOVE IT! For a person who has never wore a wig before, I put it on and felt amazing. The texture matched mine so well as did the color. The hair was soft and the piece easy to apply. There were a couple of things I felt could be better such as  the elastic pieces that allow for you to adjust tightness of the wig, after only two wears the bra like hooks busted through the material it attaches to. It would be my suggestion to make an additional strap or add a comb to the wig for a strong hold. For the price of $89, this wig was a great introduction to wearing pieces. I got so many compliments on my hair and even suggested it to a friend to buy. Take a look at some of my snapshots from the last two days rocking my new hair. I named my wig Sherri Shepherd, lol and my little girl kept saying, “Sherri Shepherd is so cute on you Mommy!”






I think I may have a new found love for wigs! I have to get more. You all can pick up your own Luxhair for Sherri Shepherd wig on QVC starting May 17th or here.

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille


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