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REVIEW: Motions and the “Do You” Campaign

As a kid, I remember when Motions debuted on the shelves in that mustard colored bottle I was just started to take care of my hair myself and it made the job a little easier. With a variety of products to keep my edges slick, my tresses soft, and my hair easy to comb through, we kept stock in our cabinet. As the years have gone on and brands have become more and more attentive to the needs of natural haired women I have strayed from this old faithful. But thanks to the good folks over at Motions, my love affair has begun again!

Motions Shampoo Conditioner

With their Naturally You line, they are capturing what it means to take care of your hair while “doing you”. What is more important than taking care of your crown? Nothing. No, I am not my hair but it is my crown so it must remain polished and radiant. Take a look below at some pics I snapped while using these great items and follow me over on IG @Hautemommie and the good folks @MotionsHair and show them how you #DoYou!

Do You Campaign

As an extra bonus, the amazing gift included some style tips from celebrity hair guru, Ursula Stephen on how to use these products to the fullest, how dope!

Ursula Stephen 2

products were gifted to us by @MotionsHair but all perspectives are our own.

Let us know how you all #DoYou using @MotionsHair Naturally You line, we’d love to know how they help you stay FLYY!

stay FLYY. live FLYYER.

L. Camille


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